Thursday, 15 September 2011

Catching Up..

France met up with Italy in yet another FRIENDLY on the 10th September. I am sorry I couldn't cover the match earlier because I have had some computer problems but I am back now. 

Team standings France beat Italy by 2.0 whole points. If you skip to the AA, France still dominated the gold with Marine Brevet taking the title. But Italy came 2,3 with Emily Armi and First year senior Chiara Gandolfi. Glad to see Youna back in the came for France, she only managed 13th but only competed Bars (14.0) and Beam (13.9). No Ferrari? Not sure where she's gone! 

A comp that wasn't a friendly was the Vitali Scherbo Cup. Belarus had the most participants. Hell Yeah!

Individ. Final: It was Valeriia Maksyuta who won! She only got 1,00 deduction on her Vault (5.8) Previous Olympian Marachkouskaya made the all-around and finished 2nd. Her highest score coming from vault (well what did you expect?) Gabriela Janik, a former World athlete, took the bronze.

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