Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Commonwealths EF's!

Sorry pepz! My internet wasn't working great so I haven't had time to do the Event final results of the Commonwealths in Douglas, Isle Of Man!

The Vault! There is only the medalist on this sheet so here they are;

  1. Rebecca Tunney (ENG)
  2. Kirsten Beckett (RSA)
  3. Abigail Caig (ENG)
Well done England's Rebecca and Abi. Also, a fantastic achievement for South African Kirsten Beckett. She might be the new Jennifer Khwela.

Moving down the table, we go to Bars. A tough event for the ages of these girls but they didn't disappoint. 

  1. Charlie Fellows (ENG)
  2. Raer Theaker (WAL)
  3. Angel Romaeo (WAL)
  4. Emma Nedov (AUS)
  5. Rebecca Tunney (ENG)
  6. Kirsten Beckett (ENG)
  7. Maddi Leydin (AUS)
  8. Brittany Robertson (NZL)
Yes, yet another victory for the English camp. Wales settled for 2nd and 3rd but Aussie Emma Nedov left with 4th. Each medalist got at least 13.00, so a great achievement.

The thin, wobbly BEAM!!

  1. Emma Nedov (AUS)
  2. Raer Theaker (WAL)
  3. Charlie Fellows (ENG)
  4. Angel Romaeo (WAL)
  5. Maddi Leydin (AUS)
  6. Abi Caig (ENG)
  7. Shannon Archer (SCO)
  8. Carly Smith (SCO)
Australia's Emma Nedov fought back after a disappointing 4th place finish on the bars winning the beam title 0.25 points ahead of Welsh Raer. Unfortunately, the Scots couldn't hold it together on this occasion with Shannon and Carly 7th & 8th respectively.

The final event. Could we see Brittany Robertson win her best event? Abi Caig perform a glorious set like her British Nat's routine? or Emma Nedov make it 2? 

  1. Abi Caig (ENG)
  2. Brittany Robertson (NZL)
  3. Rebecca Tunney (ENG)
  4. Angel Romaeo (WAL)
  5. Kiera Brennan (WAL)
  6. Shannon Archer (SCO)
  7. Emma Nedov (AUS)
  8. Maddi Leydin (AUS)
Well, Abi performed a glorious set! 13.850!!!! A score to be very happy with!

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