Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Alot O'News

Sorry everyone, I've been away for the weekend so couldn't cover the Gymnastics worlds news. In this bulletin, We've got lot's of news. GB Squad, Salamun Memorial Results  & The Yokohama Junior.

I'll start Salumun. It was a mixed field. But Israel where the overall medal winners.


2.10 seperating 1st from last, so quite an easy one. Valeriia Maksyuta went on to be the eventual vault champion with a great 14.125. Way below in 2nd with 12.875 was Teja Belak and third went to Orsolya Nagy. Moving from the medals, Thelma Hermansdottir was 4th. Jasmin Mader was 5th then Dina Madir followed closely by Norwegian Madeline Larsen and Icelandic Agnes Suto.


Another good round for Valeriia but It was Kristyna Palesova who won. But, Val did show us her double front full dismount !! (Much Love). That Crazy Croatian Leotard (Freak?) Tina Erceg was the bronze medalist. Looking down the execution sides, the highest was 8.250. I'm scared. 6.25 was posted by Laura Gombas though.

4th- Jasmin Mader
5th- Roni Rabionvitz
5th - Vasilike Mllousi
7th - Fiona Novak
8th - Laura Gombas


From 5th to 1st, Vasiliki managed to take 5th and take it to gold. 14.00 was a great score for beam but close second Maksyuta (13.950) just couldn't catch her. Veteran Adela Sajn showed that age is just a number proving the that the 23+'s can make their stand, look @ Chuso go!!

4th- Krystna Palesova
5th- Roni Rabinovitz
6th- Elisa Hammerle
7th- Tina Erceg
8th- Laura Gombas


Israel's medal streak was closed of well but not by Val. Nope, Roni did the job with a 13.60 and funky music, she was the title taker. Croatia with second and Sajn bronzed, they couldn't get to Israel.

4th- Fiona Novak
5th- Elisa Hammerle
6th- Kristyna Palesova
7th- Madaline Larsen
8th- Lisa Ecker

Great Britain now. Not much change from the squad of last year's quad (Yesh, another 6th place team final qual here we come), just Laura Edwards is replacing Nicole Hibbert. But, If you can't remember last year's It's as follows;

Beth Tweddle
Danusia Francis
Hannah Whelan
Imogen Cairns
Jennifer Pinches
Laura Edwards
Becky Downie


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