Thursday, 29 September 2011

Potiental Final/Medalists?

Coming to the Worlds, I have been assessing and looking at the potential and great gymnasts that could rise to victory (sort of been watching). Here are the people you need to look for;

Jordyn Wieber
This new girl has popped up into the scene. Her first major win was when she was 13 at the Tyson American cup. She's been in the national training sqaud since '06 (since she was 11). Wieber has got some big tricks in the locker, she just needs to pull them out consistently and she'll be first place.

Anna Li
Collegiate gymnast, aged 22. She's not the all-around package but the reason I've selected her is because her bars is amazing. At the VISA's, she had the highest start score, so she can bring a lot to the table for the American camp.

Elisabeth Seitz
We just want her to hit. Bars is where she excels. She's got a def and a full twisting shapo! She can work well with AA as she showed at the Europeans in Berlin. Vault is also another 'Good' event as she has two vaults but It's going to be pretty hard for her too challenge for a finals spot.

Giulia Steingruber
Switzerland's new gymnast. When Kaeslin packed her bags, Giulia was the girl who stepped. We've seen throughout previous meet's that she has more heavier work than other's but she is quite good on the legs and execution side of it. Vault is her main strength. Euro finalist. Bars is good one for her for me, I feel. The heavy work looks quite good. Floor isn't the best place but she could still make top 24.

This up-coming nation is definitely up-coming. They have a lot of strong and powerful team members. 3 bring a lot of experience to the table, they are, Jade Barbosa, Daiane Dos Santos and Daniele Hypolito. Adrian Gomez is another good gymnast. Watch out for Jade in the vault and Daiane in floor. If Daiane is in full strength, she will jump out the square 2 times (likely!)

Not forgetting Venezuelan Veteran Jessica Lopez. Last quad, she managed to get into the top 12 but she has set each routine to 16+ difficulty scores, giving her a more likelier pass to the top 6.

Part 2, Later:)

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