Thursday, 17 January 2013


the Australian Youth Olympix Festival gymnastics competition is commencing tomorrow and  we have a strong line-up from the competing nations including Australia, China, Great Britain and New Zealand. Tomorrow (18th January) we have the Women's and Men's team final and basic qualifications qualifications and the day after (19th) we have the all-around finals and apparatus finals. 

the teams are as follows:

Women's Competition


  1. Bai Yawen 
  2. Huan Lou
  3. Zhillin Liu
  4. Mei Jie
  5. Siyi Chen
Australia 1
  1. Darcy Norman
  2. Alexandra Eade
  3. Eliza Freeman
  4. Franceska Fusha
Australia 2
  1. Rianna Mizzen
  2. Gillian Chan
  3. Paige James
  4. Eden Tarvit
New Zealand
  1. Millie Williamson
  2. Charlotte Sullivan
  3. Courtney McGregor
  4. Hannah Malloch
Great Britain
  1. Catherine Lyons
  2. Teal Grindle
  3. Tyesha Mattis
  4. Amy Tinkler

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