Saturday, 12 January 2013

American Cup 2013: The Roster

The annual American (SCAM) Cup is back for another year. The DCU Center in New England is the home of the meet this year. The American Camp is represented this year by Elizabeth Price from Parkettes and Kyla Ross from Gym Max. On the male side, Jake Dalton and Danell Leyva will try to snatch the title for America.

Tickets are still available, they currently stand at $45-$165 per piece but you can find the ticketmaster interactive arena map here

Here is the male & female line-up (including there club;)

  1. Sergio Sasaki Junior (Brazil, Flamengo)
  2. Oleg Verniaiev (Ukraine, Armed Forces Club)
  3. Kristian Thomas (Great Britian, Earls)
  4. Jorge Hugo Girlado Lopez (Colombia)
  5. TBA (Japan)
  6. Danell Leyva (USA, Universal)
  7. Marcel Nguyen (TSV Unterhaching)
  8. Jacob Dalton (Gym Nevada)
  1. Elisabeth Seitz (Germany, TG Mannheim)
  2. Kyla Ross (USA, Gym Max)
  3. Asuka Teramoto (Japan, Legyc Sport Nagoya)
  4. Larisa Iordache (Romania, CSS Bucharest)
  5. Empty Space (Unknown)
  6. Vanessa Ferrari (Italy, AG Brixia)
  7. Empty Space (Canada)
  8. Elizabeth Price (USA, Parkettes
I'm very excited for the meet.

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