Sunday, 28 October 2012


A new segment on The World Gymnast is amongst us! It's called 'MEET THE STARS', it's virtually just a list of the gymnastics competing in meets that are happening very soon with a little video & bio about there career. As you know, Glasgow Grand Prix is lurking closer so let' s check it out


The upcoming Romanian star could be a real threat for the title this year. She's also booked for the Stuttgart meet too. Larisa burst onto the Senior scene this year, with successes as a Junior at the YOG etc. She had a hugely successful Europeans with a team gold, beam silver and floor gold. Her olympics could've gone better but she managed a top 12 finish. Watch Larisa on floor here


Wakana is a fairly new, unknown gymnast to the Elite stage. The 17 year old competed in the Australia vs Japan meet earlier in the year. She could definitely be the answer to Japan's new gymnastics. Watch her on floor here


It's the return of Elizabeth Price. She could also be a big threat to the Women's field. She was one of the alternates for the U.S olympic teams and she is coming back stronger. She struggled her way through the VISAs this year and was a little upset but she can fight back. Watch ebee on floor here


Kaitlyn is a relatively new gymnast too the senior rankings, only 16 years of age. She's coached by Lawson Harmer at Futures' Gymnastics. She has already been too competitions like Massilla, Gymnix, Combs and Wild Rose but she is taking it more Internationally this time. watch Kaitlyn on bars here


Rebecca has had an absolutely amazing first senior year. She started off quite shaky at the American Cup but completed great performances at the English Championships. She made the floor final in Brussels for the Euros and finished 6th but still took away valuable experience. She was flawless at the Liverpool Echo for the British Championships and managed too swoop into an Olympic all-around final. Watch twiggy on floor here


Elisabeth is a real taker for the World Cup events, I don't think I've seen a world cup without participating in the bars or floor. She has had a bit of bumpy but successful career. She's taken quite a few knocks and wobbles like at the 2010 Worlds but she has overall been a reliable, consistent gymnast over the years. No doubt she will be on top form for this meet. Watch Eli on floor here

My Predictions? 

  1. Larisa Iordache
  2. Rebecca Tunney
  3. Elizabeth Price or Elisabeth Seitz
  4. Elizabeth Price or Elisabeth Seitz
  5. Wakana Inoue
  6. Kaitlyn Hofland

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