Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Dutch gymnast Arjen Butter is currently in the process of launching a new sporting app, solely on gymnastics purposes.

 It's estimated to be released next month. Basically, it's all about routines. Creating them, what to put inside them. It's targeted at the coaching area because it can easily hold up to 24 gymnasts. Coaches & gymnasts can have discussions on what they will include in the routine and you can put it in easy. I didn't mention but this is only a mens artistic app but Arjen is planning on upgrading to womens later on. 

The features include;

- Scrolling within the code of points. (left and right scrolling is switching in the groups)(up and down scrolling is scrolling within the group)
- Click on an element to add this in your routine
- Double click on an element to let it zoom in so you can see it more clear when you think its to small
- In the routine you can swap positions of the elements
- It shows which group you miss for maximum points
- It gives an error when: to many elements of a group / twice the same element / forgot to save / twice a dismount and many more
- Each element and his value will be automatically calculated. So you will always see an up to date D and E-score
- You can delete an element by dragging it outside the borders
- Save and load your routine
- Post your routine on Facebook

You can also toggle the 'hits' and 'tries' and see the percentage of how many times you miss or hit. 

This could really be a hit so we need to support Arjen and help me & him to help get this on the road.


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