Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Were coming off a pretty damn good year, so 2012 has a lot of high expectations. Here are 12 things I want to see in 2012;

1. Nastia Liukin NOT making the 2012 Olympic team. 

Getting a bit greedy are we Miss A. Liukin? Well, 2008 Gold,2 silvers and whole load more medals. Face it guys, 6 months isn't long enough to prepare solid, consistent and medal worthy routines. Adela Sajn only knew 2 weeks before the Beijing olympics but what did she do?Yeah, fall off the beam. Give the spot to Ross, one of the Caquattos or Larson. Youtuber's say 

Shawn Johnson : VT - BB - FX
Jordyn Wieber : VT - UB - BB - FX
Aly Raisman : FX
Nastia Liukin : UB - BB
Rebecca Bross : UB
Alicia Sacramone : VT / McKayla Maroney : VT

Have you guys been living under a stone all year? How could you 'MAYBE' Maroney???

Face It, Nastia is not 2012!

2. Spanny Tampson keeping her fantastic reel of amazing and hilarious montages up!

If you haven't heard of Spanny Tampson, You really should've. She is such an inspiration in the montage youtube world. Some of my favorites are 'The Seat Drop' and 'We No Speak Ameriscamo'. search spannytampson and view!

3. Random commentary facts that are unecessary!

You probably don't get my drift on this one but many NBC and other gymnastics commentators mumble on about boring facts about the Gymnasts background etc. that we don't a damn on! Take Mustafiyna's 2011 Scam Floor, Elfi said 'She skyped her dad before worlds, she said I can't lose'. COCKY if anything!, we don't want to know! Unecessary guys!

4. Wieber, Komova final showdown!

Drama is all you can say about the all-around final at Worlds. But, I can assure there is more upgrading, tears and more! The Olympics are upon us and boy!, we've hit the jackpot. Personally, Viktoria has the most artistry, grace and beauty but SCREW all that muck! Jordyn wins in power, difficuilty and FLOOR MUSIC! J Wiebs is also most capable of taking pressure than Komova. Okay, Komova was coming of a very successful 2010 but Wieber was a 2010 junior aswell, I'll tell you....IT'S SO FLIPPIN' ON!

5. Kyla Ross' Senior Debut!

Go Kylie! I think Kyla has really come to far in her junior for Marta too say 'YOUR NOT ON THE OLYMPIC TEAM', but I can tell her she doesn't stand much of a chance against some of the second years. Kyla is a speedy competitor but has previously outscored many US SENIORS! I hope Ross can make an appearance as a senior in the Olympics.
Sarah Finnegan, Kennedy Baker and many others are also making their senior debut in 2012.

6. The First Years

I'm excited this year because there are many juniors coming up to the senior.
Here are some of them;

Kyla Ross                                Erika Fasana
Anastasia Grishina                 Victoria Moors
Anastasia Sidorova                Murakami Mai
Larissa Iordache                    Francesca DeAgostini
Luo Peiru                                 Janine Berger
Zeng Siqi                                  Nadia Muelhasser
Rebecca Tunney

7. Vanessa Ferrari recovered!

A rumor has it that Vanessa Ferrari will be competing in this year's Cite de Jesolo competition. If you didn't know, right before the Worlds FX EF she sprained her ankle and was forced to pull out! Ferrari has some hard tricks and could definitely factor for the Italian team.

8. Yamilet Abreu landing her DF like REAL good at the Olympics

Pena has tried, Pena has fell, Pena has nearly KILLED HERSELF.
Gymnastics is mean't to be a graceful sport, landing on your back is far from graceful!
I really hope she doesn't blow an Olympic place performing it in London.

9. Asac at London

Most of you know that Sacramone got injured at Worlds, SHAME! But, I hope she can recover in time for the Olympic games. Coming back wasn't easy for Sacy as she had a disasterous 2008 Olympic Games but she has put all that behind her. She gave it 110% to get to 2010 Worlds and she won the gold on vault. If she doesn't, give it to Ross!

10. Jessica DeZiel to keep her music!

You may or may not of heard about this rising star but Jessie De Ziel has the coolest music ever. I think DeZiel competes for Nebraska?? Anyway, I doubt she will as she had it in 2010. Oooh Well!

11. Lauren to get a new routine

Lozza Mitchell didn't WOW me with her routine in 2011. The vocals at the beginning were AWFUL and the rest didn't really work with me! Lauren is classy, she needs to enhance.

12. Jordyn Wieber to get her double double on.

J Wiebs is a great gymnast; i'm not taking that away from her. But her double double was real great! Her double lay is BLAH! To Olympic medal, she'll need to up!

you've heard it!


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