Sunday, 27 November 2011


There wasn't any surprises that Chinese star Huang Qiushuang would take the title. Huang had won the DTB Pokal all-around event prior to the Tokyo competition.

Starting with vault, Huang pulled out a cracking DTY nearlly sticking it giving her a 14.933. Second highest scorer for vault was 10th place World AA finisher Nadine Jarosch. Kim Bui managed a 14.733! Kim has been great all year round!

Moving to the piece that is so hard physically, Uneven Bars.
Again, Huang was the top scorer on the Unevens with 14.633. No other girl could managed to score in the 14s, which meant second place went to Kim Bui. In 3rd, Mary-Ann Monckton.

To the event that is mentally impossible? Beam
It was a close beam top and second but again Huang Qiushuang pulled out all the stops to have the highest score and score in the 14s. Yu Minobe was the 2nd highest scorer with 14.2. Mary-Anne Monckton again was in the top 3.

Dance and Tumbling is the key to Floor success.

Huang Qiushuang won floor!

She's been truly great throughout the whole competition and therefore deserves the win.

Congratulations Huang!

Not only are you Tokyo Cup winner but you are 'Gymnast of the week'!

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