Monday, 21 November 2011


Hong Kong was the stage for the Chinese Individual Championships. No Teams just the girls and boys doing it for themselves. The Hong Kong National Team was also included in the event.

The All-around competition went to 2009 World Beam Champion Deng Linlin. Deng only competed a 1/1 (full) twisting yurchenko on vault but it was enough to secure her Gold. Huang Huidan was the second place finisher. Chen Shiuhua won the bronze medal. 

In the women's vault, National Champion Li Yiting showed that she wasn't ready to give her Champion Vault title away yet, blowing the field away with a 14.613 Average. Angel Wong couldn't answer to that level of Vaulting but still managed to get a Silver medal on home turf! 2010 Pacific Rim Vault Finalist Jiang Tong won the Bronze!

Peiru, an upcoming junior, manged to pull out an amazing 14.925 Bars set and she also blew away the field. Huidan was hot on her heels but 14.650 is still a great score for silver! Xiao Kangjun, the Universiade competitor, was the bronze medalist.

In Beam, 

1. Huang Huidan
1. Feng Xiao
3. Xie Biying


1.Deng Linlin
2. Lou Nina
3. Li Shanshan

Shame for Angel Ying Wong who placed 4th. :'( 

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