Friday, 4 November 2011

Catching Up..

This forthcoming fortnight is chocka for the diary!
Let's keep you posted on all the events coming up!


We all love Swiss Cup. Female and Male gymnasts compete as a 'duo' team. 
Each round has the best couples until we get the winners.
Here are the starters:

For Switzerland, they have two teams. Team 1: Giulia Steingruber, Claudio Capelli and Team 2: Jessica Diacci, Pascal Bucher

Germany also have a double representation. Team 1: Eli Seitz and Fabian Hambuchen and Team 2: Kim Bui and Seb Krimmer.

Great Britain have one team. Lizzie Beddoe, first year senior and Ruslan Pantelemenov, Russian born.

Italy have Jessica Mattoni and Paolo Principi.

South Korean Gymnasts are 2008 Olympian Jo Hyun-joo and Yan Hak Seon.

Ana Porgras and Flavius Koczi are Romania's bid for a medal (I think they will medal)

Anna Dementyeva and Nikiita Ignatyev are Russia's team.

Angelina Kysla and Mikola Kushenkov complete the field.


27 girls are on the roster for the Osijek Challenger Cup in Croatia. No American,  Russian or Romanian girls, which means it's all to play for? WRONG! China are in the mix, so, Ladies, 'you need to beat them!'. 

  1. Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto
  2. Brittany Rogers 
  3. Jiang Tong
  4. Tan Sixin
  5. Wu Liufang
  6. Tijana Tkalcec
  7. Ines Salopek
  8. Dina Madir
  9. Tina Erceg
  10. Jana Sikulova
  11. Kristiyna Palesova
  12. Ingi Khashkab El
  13. Meriam ElHajj
  14. Luca Diveky
  15. Dorina Boczogo
  16. Hajnalka Lonai
  17. Tina Larsen
  18. Silje Dahlby
  19. Monika Fradofert
  20. Gabi Janik
  21. Marta Kulesza
  22. Teya Belok
  23. Ivana Kamnikar
  24. Sasa Golob
  25. Adele Sajn
  26. Maria Homolova
  27. Ranin Faraj

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