Friday, 1 February 2013


Unfortunately, the Europeans start list is looking a bit dry this year after a numerous amount of withdrawals. The most significant withdrawal is Russian Olympic star Viktoria Komova has sustained a persistent back injury and will miss the Russian Championships, therefore missing the Europeans. 

The Netherlands camp is leaving Epke Zonderland, Lisa Top and Celine Van Gerner off the team which is very unfortunate. Top has sustained an elbow injury and the other two are focusing on worlds. But don't worry because  Chantysha Netteb, Daphne Slingerland and Elise Feddema are all amazing new seniors that are likely to be on the team. 

Germany have also reported a few absences including Elisabeth Seitz, Nadine Jarosch, Pia Tolle and Anja Rheinbay. Germany have a big troupe of new seniors like Cagla Akyol and Sophie Scheder but we can also expect older stars like Oksana Chusovitina, Lisa Katharine Hill and Janine Berger to be on the roster too. 

Despite losing a few significant characters, we still have lots of gymnastics to look forward too. 

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