Wednesday, 1 August 2012


if you don't know by now, me & another person have set up a petition to FIG about changing the 2 per nation rule. My target was 250 signatures but we have reached a staggering 420 and I haven't closed it yet. I have already sent an e-mail to the FIG but they haven't responded so I think they're a little snobbish/sceptical about it but we will have to wait and see


  1. nor will they, you're 12 and you're tackling an issue because you didnt like how something turned out. thats called having a tantrum and the FIG could not care less about a 12 year olds tantrum. I assure you you havent influenced them at all

    1. I don't actually give a shit what you think. I got 500+ signatures and if it doesn't get changed so what? it's FIGs fault that 500+ people feel that way so you can just go away