Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I have decided to start a new competition in favour of the world gymnast! We tried this last 2 months but wasn't successful but we've heated up the prizes and want everyone to enter. The TWG Background Competition: July-August is going to be a good competition for all budding photographic editors but also for gymnastics fans to have a little go at a fun hobby. Creating backgrounds is cool because you can do whatever you want but there is a few rules.


  1. Entry is 10 years +
  2. It must be a gymnastics photo (artistic)
  3. One entry per name, e-mail, twitter, facebook, tumblr
  4. Entry's after closing date will not be accepted
So, they are the basic rules. Here's some of the basic questions answered

for the chance of a world gymnast fan to have the pride of having their work displayed on the site and to win the prize. 

you can do edits on photoshop, muzy etc. but my favoured site if BeFunky! No registration required and the effects are better than most sites.

Where Do I Upload?
you can e-mail;, Facebook: Twg Gym-Blog Twitter: @theworldgymnast or post on tumblr;

1st place will get a free world gymnast signature tee (worth £19.60-£20.60), 2nd place will get a permanent role of blogging at the world gymnast and 3rd place will get a free shoutout and follow on twitter (if you don't have twitter, e-mail)

Closing Date?
28th August 2012

more questions? don't hesitate to ask. 

good luck! ;)

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