Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Team Final Results!

Sorry, I couldn't cover the Women's TF. I've decided that I am only going to do live commentary on Saturday and Sunday for event finals. 

Moving to the event, It was the American team that won the gold medal. They shone throughout the whole competition with their lowest score being 14.366 from Vega. Jordyn Wieber was the highest ranked individual of the event.

In second position, The 'Stoi'-ers were. Vika had a pretty rough competition in the last two pieces. She fell on beam on her 3 element connection and had a big stumble on her opener. All-around qualifier, Afanasyeva, was only working vault and floor but scored 14.50+ on each event.
Strong comp for Nabs. She was just shy of 15 for her bars. Inshina and Belokobylskaya have been fairly quite these champs. Belo only did floor but scored 14.633 and Inshina got 14.30 for beam, her only event.

China got 3rd. A poor showing for Sixin. She scored 12.066 for floor (Eugh!) Jiang only vaulted. 14.166 isn't too shabby. Jinnan was definitely the best gymnast in the Chinese camp.

Romania. 4th. No surprises. They used Porgy for beam. She didn't fall and scored 15.30. Bulimar only did floor. 14.266. Each girl did a successful round.

Great Britain managed an amazing 5th, the best they've ranked in a World team final? Tweddle scored 15.666 and 14.533 for her events. Hannah Whelan scored with high 13's and a high 14. Imogen did the power events. After her beam in Quals, Becky only did bars with 14.433.

An amazing achievement to make Team finals, but to come 6th for Germany is GREAT! Chuso was great on vault but slipped away on Beam (12.70) Seitz and Jarosch were definitely the team leaders. They scored high 13's and lower 14's. Bui didn't vault. 14.30 for bars and a 13.733 for floor was a good competition for the girl that has been disappointed at this level and Olympic level so many times.

Taking the 7th and last places were Japan and Australia. Yuumi Iizuka was the injured girl as she wasn't on the start list. 

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